Boulder County Organic Farm, Hens Truly Raised On Pasture With Mobile Coops



Boulder County Organic Farm, Hens Truly
Raised On Pasture With Mobile Coops

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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide ethically and sustainably produced local eggs in Boulder County.


Our Impact

What’s happening?

The Colorado Front Range is in short supply of eggs that are locally-produced, organic, and pasture-raised. Current egg options typically only meet one or two of these attributes, and there is confusion among buyers about what terms such as “pasture-raised” mean. 

Why we’re here.

We’re a new producer in Boulder County poised to fulfill this need with our farm that sell eggs from hens raised locally, that are given organic feed, and that are truly pasture-raised in mobile coops.

This meets consumer desire for animal welfare, soil preservation, and sustainability better than any other farm.




We value the welfare of hens, land, and employees.



organically-fed chickens

Our hens eat organic feed and only organic feed.



hours our hens are free range

We value animal welfare like no other farm.


October 2018

"I just can’t get over how well these chickens are taken care of. Walt and his team have truly thought of every way to produce the best egg possible by designing the best ecosystem possible. From thinking through how the chickens will thrive in the winter to how the farm will be an example of what true fairness can be for its workers, there is no other farm like this."

Erin Huizenga, Borough + Block